Betabeat’s 2014 Most Poachable Tech Talent

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These developers, marketers and social media mavens are just what your company’s missing.

Jimmy Soni, Editor, Huffington Post

In the past few years, media startups have been hot territory for investments and new endeavors. Anyone looking for some help on the biz dev side could use a fearless leader like Mr. Soni.

His background may not be in editorial, but if there’s anything Mr. Soni knows how to do, it’s drive pageviews. Under Mr. Soni’s tenure, HuffPo has upped their traffic, won a Pulitzer, and managed to hold up their audience metrics while others viciously struggle to do the same.

Mr. Soni is young, one of Forbes 30 Under 30, and the author of a biography of Cato the Younger. He has a lot of conquering ahead of him, and a media organization with serious aspirations and serious capital could use someone with his experience is bringing in the masses.

Update: Mr. Soni was recently transferred to a new position building out HuffPost India. He remains at the top of the HuffPost masthead, but the international transfer makes him more poachable than ever.

Originally posted at The Observer, “Betabeat’s Most Poachable Tech Talent