Jimmy Soni

Hi, I’m Jimmy.

I’m an author, speaker, speechwriter, dad, and much more. This website is a hub for my creative endeavors.

About me

The photo above is my brother (right) and myself (left) at an unspecified earlier date. You might say I peaked early (the bowtie! the argyles!), and that it was all downhill from there. You might be right.

If you’re here, I suspect it’s because you’ve heard about one of my books. That’s great, and welcome. My books are passion projects. My topics come because I look for a book to buy on the subject and can’t find one. I know it’s supposed to be fancier than that, or that there must be some grand theory of my work, but there isn’t one. That said, my readers seem to enjoy what I’ve written, so maybe it’s fine?

I am inspired by my literary heroes, including Robert Caro, Laura Hillenbrand, Candice Millard, Daniel James Brown, and Barbara Tuchman, among many others. They are all rigorous researchers—but reading their books doesn’t feel like doing homework. That’s what I’m going for, and hopefully I hit the mark a few times.

For me, books are all-consuming projects, leaving little other time for the things that should populate this section like hobbies, interests, and even the ability to remain in basic touch with people. I enjoy obsessing over a subject for years, and my goal is to find as much information as possible and then make the material readable for a general audience. 

When not writing or reading, I spend time with my daughter in Brooklyn, NY.  If you’d like to connect, please drop me a line at hello [@] jimmysoni.com.

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