Jane's Carousel book cover

Jane’s Carousel

The story of one woman’s remarkable 25-year odyssey to restore the beloved carousel at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Co-authored with the late Jane Walentas.

In 1983 a dream to revive the Dumbo area of Brooklyn was underway. Part of that plan was a carousel and it fell to Jane Walentas to find one.

What people are saying

“This triumphant story is not to be missed.”

Publishers Weekly

“What a beautiful, elegant book about one person’s passion, and the benefits it has yielded. First rate all around!

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“This book is an accurate and beautiful account of the restoration on the PTC No. 61.”

Melinda Marks
Verified Amazon review

If this piece of Brooklyn history captures your interest—or if you just want a beautiful coffee table book—Jane’s Carousel will not disappoint.