Want to hear more from me? Here’s how!

Jimmy Soni

I’ve spoken about my books throughout the country at organizations big and small, including universities, conferences, and companies. I enjoy sharing what’s in them with audiences (both in-person and virtual.)

There’s what I put into my books—then there’s the process, insights, and stuff that ends up on the cutting room floor. I’m happy to talk through the books themselves. Far more enjoyable are the Q-and-As that come after a book talk, where I can share nuggets and lessons from the books that may not have made it into print. As a speechwriter, one of the things I strive for is freshness in every talk or engagement. Being “canned” is a crime in my book. So you’re unlikely to ever hear the same talk twice, if only because I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that sort of routine as an audience member.

I’d love to chat if you think I could add some value or share some useful perspectives. I genuinely enjoy engaging with groups of readers, and I find these events always bring me as much knowledge and insight as I hope I’m able to impart.

Example speech

Delivered in 2018 at Google with my co-author Rob Goodman, where we were invited to speak about Claude Shannon and the business and life lessons we can learn from him.

To arrange a booking, email my team at hello (at) jimmysoni (dot) com.